The Important Role Facial Expressions Play in Social Interactions


Micro expressionists—psychologists specializing in facial expressions—are of the view that a human face can potentially produce up to 15 million different types of smiles. Be it a social gathering, an office ambience or a weekend with friends, facial expressions, especially smiles helps us in elevating the positivity of any atmosphere in any given time. Did you know that a set of clean white tooth can leverage your personality and persuade people to pay more attention to you? In this post, it shall be shown how teeth whitening play an important role in the facial expressions that you carry subconsciously.

Social Interactions

The Duchenne Smile—or Genuine Smile or Classic Eye Drooping Smile—puts across our genuine subconscious feelings of real happiness toward the situation. This is the most common smile type that is observed during social interactions. In such a situation, anyone would want to express their best and genuine self. Believe it or not, but your smile is the very first thing people notice in your expression. A bad smile in such a situation can put a contract—or the beginning of a valuable relationship—down. White teeth are necessary for you if you happen to carry a Duchenne smile pretty often, even in the office or with friends.


The Pan Am Smile is a fake smile whose reason for inception was to make employees look happy and contented, no matter how much of the pressure the customer makes them handle. This technique is widely applied to this date for winning prospective clients or customers in businesses. It is not being advocated here that one should carry a fake smile at work. Be genuine with your colleagues, but sometimes customers are difficult to handle and you can’t cry or bang your head in front of them. Rather, putting on a smile even under pressure, signals the client that you are worth delivering the contract to. A set of white teeth surely adds on to the chances of winning the contract.


We tend to give out more of The Classic Broad Smile (also known as The Laughing Face) expression during our meeting with friends. There’s nothing to hide from friends and neither do we care if we’re criticized by them. We always laugh with an open heart in front of our friends. Oftentimes, the laughter can change from a classic broad smile into gorilla laugh. In any case, white teeth matters a lot, even if our friends don’t care about how we walk, talk or act.


Without our mouth, and the teeth in them, we could have never had displayed our facial expressions denoting our real instinctive emotions. Facial expressions are something that people cling onto while engaging in a conversation with us, but it’s the smile that leaves behind the first impression. We are sick and tired of the dentists telling us the benefits of teeth whitening and we somehow have always loved to discard it. It is hoped that henceforth, you will surely consider how teeth whitening can improve your smile in any given situation, which in turn would enhance and add charisma to your self-image and communicative ability.